Al Divino a commenté sur Kekra - VREEL III pour 2017
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Jeu 02 Nov 2017



à voir avec le clip mais  il est moyen le son

It was just a pleasure to sortir deux vreel dans l’annee and hagar le rap tout seul c’est tout  


Jeu 02 Nov 2017

walou le sample vient de là jpense  Ruff Sqwad x Wiley - Together

Alkpote Al Divino a commenté sur DJ Weedim - #BoulangerieFrançaise 2.1 (Album) 2017
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Jeu 02 Nov 2017

En 2017 j’ai produit des titres pour Biffty, Alkpote, Vald, Aladin, A2h, Iron Sy et encore beaucoup d’autres artistes mais là c’est mon album qui arrive, #BoulangerieFrançaise Vol 2,

une vingtaine de titres au programme.... tracklist/cover officiel très prochainement

Al Divino a commenté sur Kpoint - Album + Mixtape (432 INC.)
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Jeu 02 Nov 2017

Al Divino a commenté sur Derek Wise - Projet pour 2017
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Jeu 02 Nov 2017
88GLAM (Derek Wise and Drew Howard)- 12

88Glam keeps it at home and recruits fellow Canadians Murda Beatz and Wondagurl for production

and also enlists XO's Nav as the sole feature

L'album pour le 7 novembre

Al Divino a commenté sur Kemba (YC The Cynic) - Negus
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Jeu 02 Nov 2017

Kemba - Delivert (prod. Thelonius Martin) [Audio]

Young Jeezy Al Divino a commenté sur Jeezy - Snow Season (Album) A venir pour la fin 2016
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Jeu 02 Nov 2017

Jeezy anounces a new album

Al Divino a commenté sur Kekra - VREEL III pour 2017
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Mer 01 Nov 2017

[01] Charbonne (Picard Brothers)
[02] Pull Up (Kilogram)
[03] Intermission (Saavane)
[04] Poches Pleines (Wealstarr)
[05] Tout Seul (Picard Brothers)
[06] Tlb (Cody Macfly)
[07] Rap De Zulu (Kezo)
[08] Gros (Kezo)
[09] Pas Millionne (Picard Brothers)
[10] Lexro (Cody Macfly)
[11] Envoie La Monnaie 3.0...

Al Divino a commenté sur Tha God Fahim
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Mer 01 Nov 2017

Tha God Fahim x Heem Stogied - GUN KARATE

1.Spoken Word - Ft. Heem Stogied (Prod. By K-Sluggah) 02:19
2.Devoted - Ft. Heem Stogied (Prod. By Flip) 02:49
3.Dumbfounded - Ft. Heem Stogied (Prod. By K-Sluggah) 01:55
4.Intake - Ft. Heem Stogied (Prod. By K-Sluggah) 01:59
5.No Replacements - Ft Heem...

Al Divino a commenté sur Nacho Picasso x Harry Fraud - AntiHero Vol. 2 (Oct. 20th)
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Mer 01 Nov 2017
Eminem Al Divino a commenté sur WESTSIDE GUNN - HITLER WEARS HERMES V (31 oct. 2017)
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Mer 01 Nov 2017

DOWNLOAD HWH I-Vwww.toneden.io/westside-gunn/pos…-wears-hermes-i-v

sur son soundcloud il a posté le lien pour DL les HITLER WEARS HERMES  vol. 1,2,3,4 et 5


WestSide Gunn - Hitler Wears Hermes 5


Al Divino a commenté sur Al.divino - DUMP GAWD: DIVINO EDITION vol. 2 (31 oct. 2017)
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Mer 01 Nov 2017

1.FINTRO (prod. al.divino) 01:35
3.ONIMASK ft. ESTEE NACK (prod. Sadhugold.) 03:22

Young Buck Al Divino a commenté sur Young Buck - 10 Commandments + Back on my Buck Shit Vol. 3 (Mixtape) 2017/2018
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Mer 01 Nov 2017




il a feinté il va envoyer la mixtape plus tard en attendant il a envoyer un clip/feat

Al Divino a commenté sur Tha God Fahim
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Mer 01 Nov 2017

Tha God Fahim – Dump Truck EP 


Tha God Fahim – Art Dealer Vol. 1


Tha God Fahim – Those That Slay Dragons


Tha God Fahim – Supreme Dump Legend Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4





Tha God Fahim –...

Boosie Badazz Al Divino a commenté sur Boosie Badazz - BooPac (Album) 15 Dec. 2017
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Mar 31 Oct 2017

Boston George - Trap to the Grave Feat. Boosie Badazz & Dave East

CTE’s Boston George is back in the kitchen with a new single.

Boston drops his long-awaited single to his upcoming project Blow Talk.


Al Divino a commenté sur 21 Savage x Offset x Metro Boomin - Without Warning
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Mar 31 Oct 2017

21 Savage & Offset - Still Serving (prod. by Metro Boomin x CUBEATZ)


21 Savage - Without Warning (No Features)


Al Divino a commenté sur BENNY / Griselda Records GxFR + Album pour 2017
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Mar 31 Oct 2017

Lyrics by BENNY 
Production by CUNS 
Additional production by STABBER 
Mixed and mastered by STABBER at STABBERDROME 
Artwork by SCARFUL


Cuns x Benny - Black Caesar Ft. Big Twins

EPMD Al Divino a posté EPMD - Dynamic Duos : Big Business (Album) Ft. Black Star, M.O.P., Mobb Deep, and Salt n’ Pepa
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Mar 31 Oct 2017

 EPMD is at work on the tandem’s eighth album, Dynamic Duos: Big Business.

The release is coming through JAY-Z’s Roc Nation,

and already promises the kind of concept and star-power that will be a key addition in one of Rap’s best discographies.

The album features a number of guest duos, including...

Def Squad Al Divino a commenté sur Def Squad - El Niño (1998)
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Mar 31 Oct 2017

Erick Sermon about the samples on Def Squad's "El Niño" | Tracklib Sample Stories

Recently, Erick Sermon—who produced El Niño with Red’, sat down to discuss the LP with Prince Paul. Orchestrated by sample purchasing platform Tracklib,

the two Long Island, New York legends...

Drake Al Divino a commenté sur VAL - ALBUM & EP pour 2017/2018
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Mar 31 Oct 2017

Lou Val - Moon Luv 


Toronto indie R&B singer Lou Val is back with a new track titled 'Moon Luv'

which is produced by frequent collaborator The 25th Hr.

On this song, Lou Val likens his love to the cycle of the moon, as it routinely disappears into the night only to return...

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